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                                               FEBRUARY WORKSHOP ​

Approximately 40 of ​our members took part in the Towpath Guild workshops ​on Tuesday, ​ Feb. 14, 2017.​learning everything from paper piecing ​ {with one of our newer members} to hand applique ​{with a well seasoned member} ​and the square in a square technique ​ ​ ​{with a former guild president}​for making blocks. Several were sewing (gabbing) away in the Sit and Sew​​;   eve​n more were in the kitchen ​ ironing, sorting,(laughing) and packaging fabrics to sell in the Boutique at the upcoming quilt show. The book discussion ove ​​r lunch ​, was fun too.
​ ​ A huge thank you to all those who taught and coordinated the workshops and our discussion. And for those who participated in the day, aren't you glad you were there!
​ ​ ​The costs for the classes at our February Workshops are included in members' annual dues.